Daisy Duck, How to Draw


Start off with the basic guidelines and shapes.


Here you will use those guides to draw in Daisy's duck bill.


Next, draw in some of the face shape as well as the tuft of feathers on her cheek. When that is done draw the start of her big sunglasses.


Here we will draw in the top portion of her head, then finish drawing out the sunglasses. Add the sparkle to each corner of the sunglass lenses.


Draw Daisy's bow and color in the sunglasses like you see it done here.


You will now draw out her parasol. Take your time, this may be the hardest part of the lesson, but you can do it.


We will work our way down and draw the neck, shoulders as well as her arm and hand. Don't forget the parasol handle.


Go ahead and finish drawing out her arm, then draw the other hand and hook-shaped handle for the parasol. When you are done with that task, draw the end of her shirt and the start of the tail.


You will work on drawing the lower portion of her body which is her butt and belly as well as thighs. The thighs are the feather ruffle at the bottom of the body where her legs will be drawn from.


The last drawing step is simple. Draw in her legs and then her fancy boots. Don't forget the daisy flower on her boot too. Erase the mistakes and guides to clean up your drawing.


That's it, you are all done. Now just color Daisy Duck in.

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Such a cute Daisy Duck I love her sun shades.

Thank you. I wanted to do something different.



January 18, 2024

Description: Hello again folks. I have another really cute lesson for you all today. I was looking around Dragoart to see what kind of lessons there were for Disney characters mainly for Mickey Mouse and friends and I saw that there wasn't a variety of Daisy Duck. So, here is how to draw Daisy Duck, step by step. She is on the boardwalk near a beach wearing sunglasses and holding a parasol. I think she came out so snatchy, and I hope you all enjoy the lesson.

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