Kawaii Grinch, Draw Christmas Characters

Artist: Dawn / November 29, 2017

Step 1.

Here you will begin with drawing the shapes of Kawaii Grinch's face.

Step 2.

Add a swirl shape at the top of the head for his twirl, then draw in and color the eyes, mean expressive eyebrows, the nose, mouth and blush marks on the cheeks.

Step 3.

Like original Grinch, you will need to draw a fluffy collar around the base of Grinch's neck.

Step 4.

Finally, draw in the incredibly unfit body that Kawaii Grinch also has to have because original Grinch has one as well. Whatever mistakes you made go ahead and erase them now.

Step 5.

There you have it. A finished drawing on Kawaii Grinch. Color him in and make him adorable. I want you all to share your drawing of Kawaii Grinch, so be sure to submit your finished artwork.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 29, 2017
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Description: Are you ready to be blown away? Good because what we will be having fun with next is a lesson on how to draw Kawaii Grinch, step by step. I know everyone loves the Grinch, he is making a big time appearance in Drago's top 50 which is something I love. The Grinch has always been one of my all time favorite iconic Christmas characters that I looked forward to seeing during the whole month of December. When I sat there and thought long and hard what Kawaii inspired tut I should make next, I looked over to the Top 50 and saw the Grinch there more than once. I did a little research and saw there was barlry any tut-work on the Grinch in Kawaii form. Yeah, sure there are tuts on chibi Grinch, but not Kawaii. Anyways, I love how my concept came out and I know many of you will love drawing Kawaii Grinch too. I do have one tut on Kawaii Grinch, but I love this one more. Merry Christmas people!