Kawaii Christmas Stocking Drawing

Kawaii Christmas Stocking Drawing
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Start by drawing the shape of your stocking foot like so. You can go with whatever design or pattern style you want your stocking to be in. I chose with a squared off foot style to make things easier.


Up next, simply draw in the cotton looking band around the top for trim like so. Notice the ruffled edges.


You can spell whose ever name you like on the cuff of the stocking. I drew in 'Kawaii'. When that is done you can add the face by drawing and coloring in the eyes, then adding the mouth and blush marks.


Fill your stocking with lots of treats, or even stuff that you hope to see in your own stocking this year. Erase the mistakes and you're done.


When all is said and done, your stocking should come out looking like the image you see here. Add some color and start displaying your Christmas stocking.

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December 21, 2016

Here is another festive Kawaii inspired lesson to help celebrate the Holiday season with. Today we will be putting up our stockings over the Dragoart matal with learning how to draw a Kawaii Christmas stocking, step by step. I actually should have drawn a fireplace inspired background, but I didn't want to be ordinary by doing what is expected to be behind a stocking hanging from a mantel. Some kids grow up with them hanging on a wall or bedpost. As for me, mine used to hang along a doorway trim board. This is a cute lesson and it is also going to be very easy to tackle. You can choose to fill your stocking with toys, candy or teddy bears, the choice is yours. The next two tuts coming up are going to blow the socks off some of you hardcore "Christmas is my favorite holiday" folks. I will be back so don't stray too far away.

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