Step-by-Step Guide: Learn How to Draw a Chipmunk with Ease

Artist: Cocoapebbles / May 27, 2023

Step 1.

Let us begin with some simple steps and guides. Draw the guidelines for the seed, chipmunk and flowers.

Step 2.

Using those guides you will first draw out the shape of the sunflower seed and then draw the beginning shape or outline of the chipmunk's head and ears. Once that is done you can draw in some of the blooms.

Step 3.

This is the last step. I told you it will be easy. Finish the flowers and then finish the chipmunk. Don't forget to draw in his eyes, nose and mouth as well as the detailing to the petals of the flowers and the leaves too. When you are happy with you   

Step 4.

That's it, you are all done. The line art here includes two vertical lines on the seed just so it doesn't look so plain without color.

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Artist: Cocoapebbles
Date Added: May 27, 2023
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Description: Hello once again fellow Dragoarters. I am back after a month long hiatus due to being in collage, but with my return I bring a very cute and simple lesson on how to draw a chipmunk, step by step holding a sunflower seed decorated with a couple blossoms. This is a really simple task to tackle and complete so I urge you all to give it a go. Drawing can be so much fun when the lesson is easy enough, but then again I also like a challenge. Anyways, have fun and remember to comment, like, love, fav, and most importantly, SHARE!