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Nessa Krueger

Artist: NessaKrueger / September 5, 2016
Nessa Krueger

Step 1.

Well...Nessa Krueger has the base structure of Invader Zim..the Vasquez so it should feel similar to drawing invader Zim or any other Vasquez character! Start by drawing a circle and add a straight line for the body base, then add some lines off    

Step 2.

Then now you're just gonna add the basic shapes of the body, hair, sides, feet, legs, face and arms. Use your guidelines! Just pretend you're drawing Invader Zim!

Step 3.

Now finish everything off closing the lines on: The body, face, hair, arms, hands, clothes, boots, legs, eyes, mouth, neck, sides, nose and arms. Tip...make sure NK's blades are extra sharp if you will!

Step 4.

Just give NK the finished touches of classic dark colors and horrific atmosphere to complete her Kruwger hysteria. Hope you enjoyed NK's boiler room drawing room! -NK

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Artist: NessaKrueger
Date Added: September 5, 2016
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Tags: freddy krueger, nightmare on elm street, nessa krueger
Description: Nessa Krueger...is Freddy's little spawn. This is the cartoon version of me because I am Nesa Krueger going by NK. I currently draw this way and use the Vasquez style and was curious if anyone would attempt to draw Ze NK.