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my failed harley

Artist: HarleyQuinn1014 / August 5, 2016
my failed harley

Step 1.

first draw a vertical oval to help make the shape of the hat

Step 2.

next draw 2 long almost C shaped lines going from the sides of the oval for the things sticking out of the hat

Step 3.

now draw a c like shape in the middle of the top of her head.then where it connects to the rest of the head put 2 more c like shapes under the first one

Step 4.

now erase all of whats left of the oval

Step 5.

now draw 2 lines that are slightly curved

Step 6.

next draw a chin and thats the head shape

Step 7.

draw the puff balls and her mask and nose

Step 8.

draw the body the eyes and color and your done

Step 9.

heres the final hope you like harley

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Artist: HarleyQuinn1014
Date Added: August 5, 2016
Steps: 9
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Tags: easy, dc, harley, face, jester
Description: Ok so lets get this straight I LOVE HARLEY QUINN (if you can see in my name ) im not good at computer art and i like paper better so most of my art is on paper this is an easy drawing of Harley that anyone can do better than me