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how to use ms paint 7 for coloring

Artist: jubbi76 / September 10, 2013
how to use ms paint 7 for coloring

Step 1.

click on the select icon at the top. then left click on your photo. click invert color.

Step 2.

now go to the flag icon at the top and click properties. this will bring you to a box

Step 3.

choose the black n' white buble and click ok. then ok again

Step 4.

now do the same as before but put in the color bubble

Step 5.

select icon and invert color

Step 6.

WARNING: if you dont read carefully in these next few steps, something WILL GO WRONG. fill in everything that will not be black with a light color.

Step 7.

go to your keyboard and hold ctrl(control) and + or -. this makes your brush large and small. do ctrl and + on the eraser

Step 8.

in your 1st color box put in black. in the 2nd put in white.hold the right presser thing on your mouse:) and drag it across the white areas. this will fill them in

Step 9.

fill in all the basic colors and copy with the transperency checked

Step 10.

copy the image then use the curve symbol on small to create shadows and highlights. then use the spray can on huge (remember the trick)to "blend" the colors. do this for all the areas except the eyes. the eyes are done with the curve on small. create   

Step 11.

paste and all the untidy marks will disappear. once you have done every area, copy with the transparency checked

Step 12.

now draw what ever you want the background to be. dont worry about her just go over her. then paste and she will be surrounded by lovely background.

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Artist: jubbi76
Date Added: September 10, 2013
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Description: i dont know if this will help much but it doesnt hurt to try:)