How to Draw Rin and Len

Artist: jubbi76 / September 6, 2013

Step 1.

I messed up on this step so don't worry about the color. Draw a circle and slightly curved line. This will be the base(skull and spine) of the character. Now draw the collar bone and facial guidelines. Make a nearly identical(hehehehe because they ar   

Step 2.

draw a rough sketch of the body. Try to draw the full figure so it is easier later on to draw the cloths.

Step 3.

Sketch out the hair and head phones. Don't worry about perfection at this point.

Step 4.

Ugh ok i messed up again so forget the face part. Just draw the sailor suits, bell sleeves, and shorts. Don't forget the belt loop on Rin.

Step 5.

NOW you can draw in the facail areas.

Step 6.

You can outline your drawing now. if your on paper try a sharpie or colored pencil for this. That way when you erase, you won't get to frustrated.

Step 7.

And now, you'll never guess, we Erase! if you are on ms paint like me, you'll want to select all and invert color. Now go to the flag icon at the top left. click properties and black and white. Press ok. A box should appear, so click ok again. Invert   

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Artist: jubbi76
Date Added: September 6, 2013
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Description: This tut is on the vocaliod twins, Rin and Len. I 've been busy and havn't been able to do much. So here it is! My third tut!!!