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how to Draw an Anime Teen

Artist: jubbi76 / September 7, 2013
how to Draw an Anime Teen

Step 1.

first, sketch a circle with a cross around it. then add the curved line, or spine.

Step 2.

roughly draw the hair. try to draw light in these steps.

Step 3.

now lightly draw the body. it's best to draw the body so you can draw the clothing later.

Step 4.

sketch the face in.i changed her look in the end so do any expression you like. don't forget her bow.

Step 5.

let's draw the clothes. i gave her a slightly small shirt to go over her tanktop. i also gave her a skirt( i forget what type it is:/).

Step 6.

outline the drawing and erase. told you to draw lightly remember. i would suggest a sharpie or black colored pencil. you can color it if you want.:) happy drawing.

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Artist: jubbi76
Date Added: September 7, 2013
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Tags: how to draw anime girls
Description: this is my 4th tut here on dragoart. i hope you all like this one. i have recently added a rin and len tut so please check that out on my profile. have fun drawing and tell me if you want any thing else:) see you all through the screen!!!