How to Sketch in Pencil


These are your basic sketching pencils. For me I use these pencils almost every time I sketch out a drawing. Notice the difference in richness and color with each pencil.


There are two types of sketching paper that I use, light weight paper which is only used for pencil sketching, and then there is heavy weight sketching paper that can be used for a variety of heavier pencil drawing.


This is a an example on how a shaded object should appear. If there is light coming from the bottom of the objects stance, the bottom should have a lighter shade of pencil. The further in you go the darker the object gets.


Here is an example of the different types of pencil strokes that is used in common sketching, or sketched drawings. First you have the normal stroke, then the popular cross-hatching which is used to define, circular shading, and then dot shading.


Let's start by sketching a nose in pencil. First sketch out a triangle like so.


Now you will begin sketching out the shape of the nose including the contours and all. At this point the nose sketch is very sharp, and bold. It will be softened out in later steps.


As you can see the nose is starting to take on a different look because now I am actually sketching with stroke technique, and shadowing as well. The shading is done too but you will sometimes need a q-tip or soft cotton ball to blend in the pencil t   


When the nose has been sketched out, shaded in, and softened up you should have a drawing or sketch that looks similar to the one you see here.

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January 12, 2018

Description: I will try my best to teach you all how to sketch in pencil to the best of my ability. I was going to wait to submit this lesson because I didn’t know if it was something that anyone wanted. Since I have a lot of lessons going up on sketching, I thought making an actual tutorial on this subject would be something that aspiring artists would want to learn from. There is no real complexity when sketching. The only things you have to remember is that you are using sketching paper instead of regular drawing paper, pencils that are pacifically developed for sketching and not drawing, and you will also have to learn how to shade because shading is a key factor to sketching properly. I have read a good number of books to learn how to sketch, and for me it was a lengthily process to finally get the hang of it. Shading, detailing, and defining an object, person, or animal is all done differently. For instance, you sketch, shade, and detail human hair differently than you would for an animal like a lion or horse. Even though horse hair looks very much like human hair, it is much more coarse, and thicker than that of a human. Human hair needs to be sketched in a gentle, easier way. This is because our hair is finer, has more volume and body, and sometimes us humans have a lot more of it. Shading objects like vases, flowers, and even scenery is all very different. This tutorial will just teach you the basics on "how to sketch in pencil". When you start feeling comfortable enough to jump onto something new like learning how to shade, or sketch fur, just let me know and I will submit a lesson for your needs if I can. In the meantime have a blast with this tutorial, and don’t forget to stay focused and be patient when tackling something new. Adios amigos!

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