How to Sketch Anime Girls

Artist: Dawn / February 15, 2017

Step 1.

Before we begin I wanted to show you the two differences between a regular anime or manga female body, and an exaggerated version that is much more curvy and accentuated. Notice how the figure to the left has smaller, portioned female body parts like   

Step 2.

This is just a sketch of some female eyes that is commonly seen on anime or manga girls. I've sketched out these eye example to show how different an eye sketch can give off a opposite emotion in a females facial expressions.

Step 3.

Here are some expressions I was talking about in step two. The sketched anime expression to the upper right hand corner is an exaggerated crying female face. The one just below is a regular sketched expression, and then you have the happy or excited    

Step 4.

This is a sketch of a female anime head and face shape from the side view and from the front view. I did this to show how the face should be portioned out when sketched. Notice the guidelines on the face to the left. The top one points out where the    

Step 5.

Lets start sketching an anime girl shall we? Start by creating or making the frame so that you have a workable mannequin like figure. sketch out the head, and then sketch the guidelines for the face and curvy body.

Step 6.

Sketching anime girls is a lot easier than one might think. As you can see you will begin sketching out the torso which takes form of a large or widened W. The arms and hips should be sketched in as well so you can proceed to sketch out more of the a   

Step 7.

Here you will begin by sketching out the lower portion of the girls face, and then sketch the shape or sides of the neck which also flows into the shoulders and arms. The hands need to be sketched out as well, and so does the eyes and nose.

Step 8.

Here is a sketched example on how the waist is sketched as a dip or incline, and the hips are sketched to be widened or shapely.

Step 9.

Now lets sketch out the exaggerated shapes of her breasts and after that you will sketch out her small or narrow torso, waist, and wide hips. The thighs and legs are next to be sketched as you can see here. Add some detailing to the tummy like the be   

Step 10.

It's now time to sketch out the clothing for your exaggerated anime girl. As you can see the shirt she is wearing is very short, and the lower half of her breasts are exposed. The skirt is also very short and as you can see her crotch area is exposed   

Step 11.

Now it's time to finish off your sketched drawing. Here you will choose the hairstyle you want for your anime girl, and then when you have chosen what type of hair she is going to have, begin sketching it out. The ears are Neko style but you can draw   

Step 12.

When you are all done your sketch should come out looking like the drawing you see here. The actual finished sketched line work is in the thumbnail or main picture for this lesson. I hope you had fun with learning how to sketch anime girls.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Have you ever wondered why some anime girls look almost too curvy for their stature? Well, I can answer that question easily because it is something I do in some of my female anime drawings. These drawing techniques are done to accentuate or exaggerate the anime female body. To show you in detail how this can be done, I will teach you "how to sketch anime girls" in an exaggerated style. Anime girls that are drawn or sketched in this manor are usually used to create a more recognizable figure. Some manga use this drawing technique whenever a character is supposed to stand out from the rest, or more noticeable. I love sketching manga and anime because adding my own personal tweaks makes my sketches so much more original and thinking of what to do next keeps me flowing with creative juices. Sketching anime girls is no different than drawing them. As I mentioned before with the differences between sketched drawings and regular drawings; a sketch carries more definition, detail, and textures that a regular drawing does not. No matter which way you want to sketch your anime girl, you can be sure that it will be your own. This tutorial also includes some examples, tips, and explanations on the creation of a sketched anime girl. I think you will find that drawing in this style is a lot more challenging because there is a lot of shading involved. I guess that just about does it for now or for this tutorial description at least. I will leave you to this submission because if you are a big anime or manga lover, you are going to have a blast teaching yourself "how to sketch anime girls". If there is something that you would love to see a sketch on, just let me know and I will fill your requests. Adios people, and make sure you upload your finished works to the site so everyone can see how you did.