How to Draw Yuno Gasai, Mirai Nikki

Artist: rroory1 / May 23, 2013
How to Draw Yuno Gasai, Mirai Nikki

Step 1.

Start off with the fringe, eye and eyebrow, be sure the eye is big enough to have a look of shock.

Step 2.

Add the other eye and the rest of the basic hairline.

Step 3.

Add the top corner of her shoulder, chin and rest of the face, then continue with the hair

Step 4.

Add the outiline of her arm and back, keep on with the hair.

Step 5.

Add in the hand, axe and details along the ar, should and hip. Keep going with the hair.

Step 6.

Add the two ponytails shade the face anyway you prefer (i chose this way to make her seem just as phsycopathic) Also sharpen the hair at the back.

Step 7.

Add the other arm, hand, neck and finish off the bottom of the waistcoat.

Step 8.

Shade in the waistcoat as you see fit or colour in anyway you want.

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Poisandra · 4 years ago
please do one of yandere chan
Artist: rroory1
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Description: This is my first tutorial and i did it on the character yuno from the anime mirai nikki.