How to Draw Werehog, Sonic the Werehog


Make your base structure which is a head, torso, and some limb lines and shapes.


You will start the face by drawing the very prominent brow shapes or arches like so. The brow is like this because Sonic is in his werewolf form.


Starting from the eye line, draw the lower portion of the face which is shaped like a mask. Color in a nose and draw some of the face to the right like so.


Draw in Werehog's eyes, then draw the snarling mouth which is in an open snarl. Draw the teeth too.


We can get started with drawing the head and ears. The ears are to be drawn in dog style or crookedly pointy.Draw the thick frill pieces for his "hair", then proceed to step six.


Now we will focus on drawing the torso and arms. Start with the left arm, then sketch in the other. Draw long cuffs of hair at the wrist of each arm like so, then sketch in detailing on the chest.


You will now take your time as you draw in the large clawed hands and fingers. These are your typical werewolf style hands.


Finish drawing the torso, then draw the thighs ad the socks on each leg. Add wrinkle detailing to the socks too for added texture.


Draw in Werehog's shoes which are large versions of sneakers, then you can move to the last drawing step.


Detail the sneakers by adding straps and spikes. The shoes are almost like cleats. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for. The finished drawing of Sonic the Werehog. How awesome does he look? Wicked that's how.

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January 15, 2014

Description: It looks like Sonic, but it's too dog like and has really big hands or claws. What could this creature be from the Sonic series? It's Werehog. Up next and lastly for today I will show you "how to draw Werehog", step by step. Sonic the Werehog is seen in Sonic Unleashed and it is a form of Sonic that takes the image of a werewolf. It all happened when Sonic unexpectedly consumed Dark Gaia's energies. He turns in to a Werehog at night and goes back to his normal self during the daylight hours. Drawing Sonic the Werehog may prove challenging for some of you novice artists out there, but if I know a true fan of the Sonic series, you won't back down. I shall meet you all back soon so have fun with drawing Werehog.

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