How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog

Artist: Paz_The_Spaz / August 2, 2013

Step 1.

[ By the way, I have photoshop set so opacity is set by pen pressure, so that's why it looks faded. I also sketched out the eyes first for own purposes.] Start with simple basic guide-lines. A large circle for his head, facial guidlines should be    

Step 2.

Where the facial guide lines meet is where I usually position the nose near. For hedgehogs specifically, it's really close to the point where the lines meet. [For echidnas is a bit farther off]. From there, just draw curves lines going to the edges o   

Step 3.

Assuming you drew the guidelines for Sonic's eyes, start from the bottom of the muzzle and move up until you hit the top of his eyes. Just continue to trace the top line to get his basic eye structure thing. For the eyebrows, just copy the shape of t   

Step 4.

Now just trace the guide lines of the ears, and draw tiny triangles inside those triangles. You can start to draw the top of his head [the curved line from his left ear to his right]

Step 5.

From here we can now give him a body. Try to get into the habit of starting on the arms first, this way, if they cover some of the body, you don't need to go back and erase what overlaps. Remember Sonic isn't one of those incredible macho man like Al   

Step 6.

The quills [aka spines, aka pokey things, aka what-the-fudge-ever people call them] should be relatively simple. If they happen to give you trouble, start with the bottom quill [the curve right of sonic's head, stops at Sonic's arm]. From there, you    

Step 7.

And after cleaning up the blue guide lines, our hero... looks like he's in the Zone of Silence [Archie-verse]... No matter! Just polish him up a bit, slap on some color and he should be ready to run wild and stop Eggman! [Be careful of the recolors.]

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Artist: Paz_The_Spaz
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