How to Draw Gompers, Gompers the Goat From Gravity Falls

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Begin by drawing the two shapes like you see here. One is oblong for the head and the other is rounder. Sketch in the facial guides then move to step two.


Here you will draw the actual shape of Gompers' long chin, then his floppy hairy ear. Draw in the horn, then add some forehead fuzz.


Draw in the other horn and ear, then add the round eyes, bags under the eyes, a triangle shaped nose, a dash for the mouth, then color in the pupils and add some texture lines on the horns.


Next up, draw the front part of the body which is the neck, chest, and front legs. The bottom of the legs should be straight lined.


Next and lastly, draw in the back end as well as the back legs. Add some detail to the body, then draw in the actual detailing to create the hooves. Erase your mistakes and guides as well.


Here is the finished drawing now that you are all done. Now you can color him in and be on your way.

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February 23, 2013

Description: I'm going to submit a few other characters from Gravity Falls which is a animated series that airs on Disney. Here is "how to draw Gompers the Goat", step by step. This funny looking goat has been a reacquiring nuisance for a while now. He is always wandering around and ending up in the Mystery Shack where he munches on their tin cans. Gompers not only lives tin cans, he eats anything that he can get his mouth on. He clarifies everyones wonders to the age old question; do goats really eat everything? The answer is yes, in Gompers case definitely. Anyways, drawing Gompers will be easy and exciting for those of you that love Gravity Falls. I will be back with some more stuff for you guys to do so stick around. Adios mi amigos!

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