How to Draw Voltorb and Electrode, Voltorb and Electrode from Pokemon


For Electrode, who is on the left, we will start with a circle and a few guidelines. We also will draw the line where Electrode's body colour changes. Now, Voltorb has small, beady eyes and checkmark-like eyebrows. He sports a big mouth twisted into    


Now erase the guidelines- but not the colour-change line!


How's it coming? I bet it's going great, so keep up the good work! Now we shade the red part of Electrode- that is, the bottom. I crosshatched here, which gives it a smooth look. Do one or two layers of crosshatching and Electrode is finished!


Personally, Voltorb is my favorite of the two. Did you know that some people, myself included, think that Voltorb might be a Haunter trapped in a Pokeball? Anyway, draw the guidelines (mine are faint here so I don't know if you can see them). Voltorb   


I didn't bother to erase my guidelines, because we are going to shade Voltorb's head. I used two or three crosshatching layers.


You're done!

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June 24, 2014

Description: You know, I've always wondered why no-one in the world of Pokémon has been killed by a Pokémon. Today, I'm uploading a tutorial on two of the reasons: Voltorb and its evolution Electrode, the Ball Pokémon. They are highly explosive and blow up constantly (actually, why haven't THEY died?) Anyway, this is an easy and fun tutorial so I hope you enjoy!

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