How to Draw Solosis, Solosis from Pokemon


Step one is super easy, since Solosis is basically two circles. Draw in those two circles, one for his blubbery "cell wall" and one for his face.


Now draw the little swirl on his head. Take your time on this, I found it very difficult, and I needed to erase several times.


Now draw the little black eyes and his diamond-shaped mouth.


Draw the shine in his bubble and erase any marks you don't want. Now you're done!

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June 24, 2014

Description: So here's a funny looking but cute Pokémon to draw. Solosis is a "Cell Pokémon", who evolves into Dousion "Mitosis Pokémon", and then into Reuniclus, the "Multiplying Pokémon". Solosis is fun and round and will be a blast to draw. And of course,if you read this far, I always take requests, if it's something I can do, okay? :P See ya, folks!

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