How to Draw Dratini, Dratini from Pokemon

Artist: HeartOfNature / June 23, 2014

Step 1.

Like I said in the intro, most first evo Pokémon are a bunch of basic shapes. So, for Dratini, who's a cute little snake-creature, a group of circles will work just fine. The head had two circles, which we'll get to later.

Step 2.

Okay! So now that we have the basic body shape in, we draw the eyes' details. Dratini, like a lot of baby Pokémon,has big and shiny eyes. Go ahead and draw its little gem in the forehead.

Step 3.

Now mark the lines of the body and the white chest.

Step 4.

Erase any unwanted marks and you are done!

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Artist: HeartOfNature
Date Added: June 23, 2014
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Description: Hai Dragoart! It's me, HeartOfNature with my first POKEMON tutorial! The great thing about first evo Pokes is that they are mainly a bunch of basic shapes, so Dratini and my other tuts on Pokémon will be easy to draw. And, of course, I will always take requests (except Frozen stuff. That movie is my mortal enemy :P)