How to Draw Using Sai

Artist: minamiangel2002 / February 3, 2017

Step 1.

So now, first you'll have to use a line work layer -since you're using a mouse- to make guide lines

Step 2.

Make another Line work layer..using the curve and pressure tool (this is the first time I use the pressure tool ._.;) do the face .3.

Step 3.

Now, on a new layer draw the body's guide lines and we'll come back to it later -curve tool-

Step 4.

Now do one side of the hair on a new line work layer using the curve tool as well

Step 5.

Do the other side

Step 6.

Now back to her body do the hands and top on a new line work layer

Step 7.

Now do her skirt and legs

Step 8.

it should like this or better or worse .-.

Step 9.

Now color the skin -using a normal layer of course (Mode normal as well)- and add a multiply layer above it and we'll come back to it later

Step 10.

now color on the layer above -the multiply one-

Step 11.


Step 12.

now to the eyes make a normal layer for them

Step 13.

on the outlines layer make a little white dot then go back to the eyes' layer and color it

Step 14.

now make another layer above c: and do this

Step 15.

Now make another layer for the hair :D

Step 16.

It should look like this or waaay much better owo

Step 17.

Now back to the clothe. do a normal layer and start colouring it

Step 18.

Color some more owo

Step 19.

color some more .-.

Step 20.

Colour her hair stuff .-.

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Artist: minamiangel2002
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Tags: how to draw vocaloid, how to draw vocaloid characters
Description: Read -please.-.- first, okay so before you all go saying stuff, I didn't trace that or anything it does look like an other Miku pic; which is located here;; and it's supposed to look like it .3. k? K. Now to the other stuff ._. you can use paint tool Sai OR Photoshop c:havefun