How to Draw Tribal Birds

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We will start with one bird at a time. Here you have to draw the flow of the body, head and beak.


Make the same exact lining to form the other bird and have both of them facing one another.


Add pretty swirls to form the beginning parts of the top portion for the swallow's wings.


Sketch out in detail the other two wings, then draw more of their bodies. Add the soft lining for the wings, then you can move to step five.


Finish drawing the bodies, then add the design swirl on the top of both wings. If you made mistakes go ahead and erase them now.


That's it, you are all done. Add some color to your tribal birds or like I always say, leave them black & white.

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March 16, 2014

Description: Well, there is only two more lessons that I have to upload before you guys get to see what else is in store. For now, here is another tribal tutorial that I think most of you will find perfect for upcoming Spring season. This tut is on "how to draw tribal birds", step by step. It's weird that I never made two tribal birds together especially since I know how many of you enjoy bird lessons. The tribal birds in this tutorial are swallows and as you know swallows are one of the more popular bird species that individuals like to get inked on their bodies. The concept is simple which means everyone of all drawing skill levels will have the chance to tackle this lesson. Don't worry if you don't do good the first time, it might take some of you a couple practice runs. Look for more tuts coming your way people, peace out.

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