How to Draw Torracat

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Make the guides and shapes for the body form of your drawing on Torracat. Start with the head guide and then draw the body guide shape. When that is done add the guidelines for the legs and face.


You can now draw out the actual face shape for Torracat and this should include the ears and fluffy cheeks.


Before drawing in the face you will need to draw the markings on the face first. This is a mask like stripe down the forehead and expands to the eye area. Add detailing to the insides of the ears too.


Now you can draw out the big eyes and the pupils should be feline shapes so draw slits. When that is done draw in the nose, mouth and teeth.


Here you will draw the front legs, paws, claws and then the stripes on the legs. Also draw the bulb like shape on the chest.


Believe it or not, but this is the last drawing step. Draw the back end of the Pokemon cat and then draw the legs, paws and tail. Don't forget to draw the markings on the back and tail too. Erase the mistakes and all the guides as well.


When all is said and done your drawing of Torracat should look like the one you see here. Add some color and show off your newly drawn Pokemon.

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October 21, 2016

Description: Up next we will have even more fun with this Pokemon species. So grab your pencils and say hello to Torracat. We will learn how to draw Torracat, step by step in a few simple steps. Torracat is an evolution from Litten and according to the Pokedex it is a fairly new species. Torracat is orange and black in color and has stripes, a blackened face and black claws. It's no secret that Torracat is a Fire-type Pokémon just as it's unevolved form, Litten. Anyways, go ahead and enjoy this lesson on drawing Torracat. I will be back with the rest of my lessons so stay tuned in to see what pops up next. Adios amigos!

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