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How to Draw Toothless and Hiccup

Artist: DragoDino / October 6, 2010
How to Draw Toothless and Hiccup

Step 1.

Start off by drawing the outside shape of Toothless's face. Also dont forget the eyelid on Toothless's right eye (from our POV)

Step 2.

Now start drawing the eyes. The left eye should be drawn as an oval-shape, with a square-like pupil.

Step 3.

Draw the mouth, which is really just a little curved line. Next comes the nostril, and some scales under the left eye.

Step 4.

To add some details, draw more scales on Toothless's head, and work your way down to the nose. The shape of the scales doesn't matter much, as long as they are drawn close to each other.

Step 5.

Now we're going over to Hiccup, and you can then start off by drawing the outside shape of Hiccup's hand and clothes.

Step 6.

Add details to the hand and clothes as shown in the image.

Step 7.

Next we draw Hiccup's face, and start by drawing his mouth, nose, eye, and the eyebrow.

Step 8.

At last draw the hair as done in the image.

Step 9.

Now you're done!

Step 10.

For better result, you can color and shade it. For my colored version I used Ps CS4.

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Artist: DragoDino
Date Added: October 6, 2010
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Tags: how to draw how to train your dragon characters
Description: This drawing is drawn with pencil on paper, but I hope it looks explainable enough :) Each step shows exactly how I myself worked with it to the finished look.