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How to Draw Tonkatsu

Artist: Dairyuuga / July 24, 2010
How to Draw Tonkatsu

Step 1.

First, start off with a squished circle. Simple way to start huh?

Step 2.

Now make another, smaller squished circle inside the first somewhat close to the bottom.

Step 3.

Add the two ears, which are shaped strangely similar to a fat bannana, the ovals for the eyes, and two more ovals beneath the eyes.

Step 4.

Next, add the two egg shaped nostrils. Blacken them, shade the two ovals under the eyes a bit, and blacken the eyes, leaving a small area at the top white.

Step 5.

All done! Now if you want to, go ahead and color it in or give him some shading.

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Artist: Dairyuuga
Date Added: July 24, 2010
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Description: This little pig is from the manga/anime series Nagasarete Airantou, and is probaly one of the funniest looking yet cutest things ive ever seen. Tonkatsu is the pet and friend of Suzu, one of the main characters, and is quite intelligent despite having a very child-like personality. This is my first tut, so forgive me if its not all that great.