How to Draw Tiny Rick From Rick and Morty


Start off by the guides and shapes to form the workable frame for Tiny Rick.


Next, we will begin to draw out Tiny Rick's head shape which is oblong. Include the ears and then draw the chubby cheeks which will be part of his expression.


Now you can draw in Rick's wide open eyes which are two perfect circles. Color in the pupils and then add some bags under each eye. You can then add spots on the eyeballs too.


Next, draw in Rick's unibrow which is in a U shape. add the forehead wrinkles and ten draw in his nose.


Okay guys. Draw the big wide open smile that Tiny Rick is aggressively giving. Also draw in the rounded shaped teeth for both top and bottom rows. You will then draw the tongue and the spit that is dripping on the lip.


Let's draw in Rick's hairstyle next. It is long and spiked almost like a burst shape.


We can now draw in the body which takes form from the jacket. Rick wears a scientist jacket that has lapels as well. Add the wrinkling on the shirt and then proceed to step eight.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the hands which are in a "rocker" gesture. When that is done you can clean up the drawing and erase the mistakes.


It's now time to color Tiny RIck in. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on drawing Tiny Rick from the Rick and Morty show which airs on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Be sure to like, comment and share this lesson for others to find.

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May 20, 2019

Description: Hey guys. Here is a character that some may enjoy. It's a lesson on how to draw Tiny Rick, step by step. There is actually an episode called Tiny Rick from the show Rick and Morty. I watched it the other day and was crying on the floor. I liked it so much I wanted to make a lesson of Rick's Tiny Rick character. Anyways, have fun with this lesson. I hope you do and if there are any other tuts you would like to see just let me know.

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