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How to Draw Thrasher

Artist: Dawn / October 21, 2010
How to Draw Thrasher

Step 1.

Ok artists in learning! Before we move onto major details, it's time to take part on drawing the basic shapes for Thrasher! I would recommend getting yourself a ruler for this part, just because there's a few straight edges. Start off by drawing the    

Step 2.

Next, move onto drawing the basic body frame. This will be easier if you draw the head first, and work your way down to more bulkier details. You'll realize, once you've got down the bulk of the drawing, things will be much easier.

Step 3.

Then, work on details that build the overall character. From my experience, start with drawing the eyes and the pointed bolt that locks it together. After that's done, move onto drawing the very slim arms. The hands of Thrasher are large - rectangula   

Step 4.

Lastly, complete your drawing by adding characterizing traits that will single out the true form of Thrasher. Finish the inner details of his goggle eyes and the joints. Notice how the joints have socket-like bolts holding his body together. They are   

Step 5.

Finally, the completed piece has arrived! Check your drawing for any mistakes that would distract the eye from the overall piece. Lines should be straight, clean, and perfectly aligned. I'm no superhuman, I tried my best! I hope this lesson has guide   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 21, 2010
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Tags: how to draw robotomy
Description: Hey guys! I'm here with another lesson that's from an upcoming cartoon show on Cartoon Network October 24th. This character is one of the main characters from the show. He hangs around his big buddy, Blastus. These two guys are best friends that try to fit in with everyone else in a robot high school. The style of the show 'Robotomy' is very unique. There are diverse styles of the way the buildings are drawn and how the colors are. Almost everything in the show is monochromatic 'orange' with only the bots sticking out from it. I think the show will end up being pretty awesome (which is why I'm submitting all the characters). Check by at CartoonNetwork for the new show at October 24th, just days away from Halloween! Anyways folks, I had some fun drawing the character; actually had some problems making the lines and details exactly like the character. I used a referenced from the website of 'Robotomy' in order to create Thrasher accurately. I really think you'll end up enjoying to learn β€œhow to draw Thrasher, step by step”. I would recommend to equip yourself with a ruler, compass, and a big eraser to make perfect lines, and to eliminate mistakes. Let me tell you, I came across a lot of mistakes with him, so I'm giving you a heads up from what I've been through! Well peeps, have fun with this tutorial to β€œdraw Thrasher”! It was much fun designing all the strange shapes and stuff. The background was used from the website for the show as well xD Peace out and have much fun, peeps!