How to Draw the Jacksonville Jaguars


Begin by making two odd shapes, one for the head and the other for the lower jaw.


For this next step all you have to do is make the indent for the brow, then make the arch for the nose.


You will simply draw out the eyeball shape like so, then move to step four.


Next, add the lining that forms the snout then draw the diamond shaped nose. Add some shading to the left side of the nose too.


We will focus next on drawing the left jaw structure, then draw in the chin, open mouth and lips or jowls.


Finish drawing the shape of the jaguar's head, then sketch in the one ear. Add detailing to the top of the head like so, then proceed to step seven.


Add the whiskers, then draw the detailing for the ear tissue of skin.


You are almost done folks so go ahead and draw the sharp teeth on both the top and bottom parts of the mouth.


Add a tongue, then detail the teeth by adding a gum line.


Before you draw and color in your spots, you have to erase the guidelines and shapes. Once that is done add the spots, then color inside of the jaguar's mouth.


Here is the finished drawing for your Jacksonville Jaguar's team logo. Now you can add some color people.

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February 6, 2014

Description: This is probably going to be the last sports logo that I give you a lesson on because I want to start making some other stuff that I think folks would enjoy. Not every person is a football or baseball fan, so I will shy away from this category and move on to better and brighter things. First, here is how to draw the Jacksonville Jaguars, step by step. The mascot for this football team is Jaxson de Ville who is a yellow colored jaguar with a blue tongue, eyes and nose. The head is all you see for the Jacksonville Jaguar's mascot, but that's a good thing because drawing him will be simple. If you are a fan of this football team I know you will have fun. Adios amigos and yes there is more tuts for you all to learn from and enjoy on the way.

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