How to Draw the Hulk Easy

Artist: Dawn / May 1, 2012

Step 1.

Begin with a circle for the head and then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

The Hulk has a very strong, chiseled shaped face so you will have to draw the jaw line in a very boxy manner. Once the structure of his face is all drawn in, you will need to sketch out his hairstyle which just covers the top of the head, and then dr   

Step 3.

Here is where you will start drawing in Hulk's face. Start by drawing the very bold, and thick eyebrows, then draw the very small nose. Sketch in the frown lines around the sides of each nostril like you see here, and then draw the small eyes which a   

Step 4.

Lastly, draw out the mouth, then add some teeth inside of the mouth. You will also need to draw the bottom shape of the lip, and then sketch in the definition lines on the sides of his face which almost makes the face look sunken in. Draw the ears, a   

Step 5.

Now that Hulk is all drawn in you can start coloring in your lean green fighting machine.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 1, 2012
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Description: Another face that will be in the new Avengers movie is of course The Incredible Hulk. You guys know I just had to make a tutorial on this face even though I already have a lesson on Hulk. So here is "how to draw Hulk easy", step by step. Some folks may not like this superhero too much, and I didn't at first either. The truth is, he is one of the oldest comic book heroes from Marvel Comics along with Superman, Spiderman, and Batman. Batman isn't from Marvel though, he is from DC Comics. Anyways, I had to figure out how to make a tutorial on Hulk in a very simple to follow manner. There where some bumps in the road that I had to get over but I finally came up with a simple concept that will have fans jumping for joy because there is now a tutorial that can show you the tricks to drawing Hulk in a real easy fashion. I do hope that you will enjoy this submission as much as I did creating it. Drawing comic book heroes really isn't all that bad when you get the hang of it. That's all I have to say about this green beast. Have fun with making another character from The Avengers, and I will tend to the other tutorials that needs to be uploaded. Adios mi amigos!