How to Draw the Face

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Drawing the face is fun, and interesting because you can play with the features of your characters image. Start with a circle for the top portion of the head, and then draw the lower portion of the shape of the face. You will lastly add the guideline   


Now you will use the facial guidelines to sketch out the beginning lines for the eye shapes. Also, add some lashes as thick or as thin as you like. Draw the beginning shape of the mouth and or lip.


Finish sketch out her eyes and then start sketching the eyebrows. When that is done define the shape of the actual face and make sure you have a nice chiseled jaw line.


You can choose to sketch out long, short, curly, straight, or what type of hair style for your face here in this step. As you can see I sketched out my face to have a parted short hair style. You will start sketching out the hair and then finish off    


This is your last drawing step so what you want to do is finish sketching out the hair, and then add the detailing hair lines as you see here. Once that is done add some lashes, and then draw the shape of the neck and shoulder. Erase all the guidelin   


Learning how to draw the face wasn't so hard after all was it? Color in the hair, eyes, and shirt to have a completed sketch. Be sure to join me again for another fun filled lesson.

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January 13, 2010

Description: The more and more members and myself submit tutorials, the more draws closer to the three thousand mark. In total, there is two thousand two hundred fifty two tutorials that members can browse through, learn from, and have fun with. This is just a basic submission that will teach you "how to draw the face, step by step”. I know that faces can be hard to draw, which is why I wanted to do this tutorial. I was just playing around with the drawing, and when the sketch was done, I ended up with a sketch that looked pretty, and somewhat innocent. Of course I didn't draw the face to perfection because I wanted the lesson to be as easy as possible for all you novice artist out there that need help drawing the face. The human face is a very detailed, defined part of the human body, and because of this, it often makes it difficult to draw. I on the other hand still have trouble when faced with this task. I think that's why I draw almost every person with an anime style twist. All in all this tutorial should help you draw a face better because all the steps and instructions are easy to follow and understand. I still have a couple more tutorials to submit, so keep an eye out for other cool drawing that will be grazing the front page shortly. In the mean time, keep yourself busy with this lesson on “how to draw the face, step by step”. Remember, add some of your own creativity when drawing the face. Who knows, maybe your subconscious mind will lead you in a totally different direction, creating an end result that resembles someone you know or admire. Peace out amigos, and happy drawing!

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