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How to Draw a Puffin

Artist: Dawn / January 13, 2010
How to Draw a Puffin

Step 1.

Let's draw a pretty puffin. Start with a circle for the head and then add the guidelines for the beak. You will then add a neck line and attach it to two other circle shapes for the body. Lastly, draw the outlined shape for the tail and then then leg   

Step 2.

Now you will really start learning how to draw a puffin, step by step. Sketch out the shape of the birds head and then completely draw out the triangular beak. Next add the detailing lines on the beak and then draw the front of the neck and half the    

Step 3.

Finish sketching out the puffin's body which includes the back of the neck, chest, belly, and complete wing. Feather up the tips of the puffin's wing and then draw a marking line around the neck, almost like an oblong collar.

Step 4.

This is your last drawing step. Since this bird is being drawn from the side, all you have to do is draw out the thigh, leg, and foot. Finish sketching out the feathers which includes the tail. Add a bit of definition and detailing as you see here. L   

Step 5.

Here you have a finished tutorial on drawing a puffin. All you have to do now is grab your coloring tools, and have fun shading in your pretty bird.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 13, 2010
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Description: I think it's time that I submit another lesson on a very pretty bird called the “Puffin”. I chose to make a tutorial out of this particular bird because of a show I was watching the other day called “Bizarre Foods”. It's a series that follows a guy named Andrew Zimmern as he travels the world in search of weird bizarre foods that he can try out. I love the show so much, that I have it recorded. Anyway there was this one episode where he visited Iceland, and there he was taken on a special journey to place that can only be reached by boat. Icelanders kill, and eat Puffin because they are over populated with them. Although puffins make a desirable and tasty meal, these birds are actually very pretty and unique looking. They are a part of the “Alcidae Family” and only three different types of Puffin bird in existence. There is the Atlantic puffin which can only be found in the North Atlantic ocean, and the other two species is the “horned puffin, and the tufted puffin. Both of these birds can be found in the Pacific. The appearance of the puffin is very recognizable. They have black and white colored feathers, like the penguin, bright orange colored feet and legs, small sunken in triangular shaped eyes, and a very narrow triangular shaped beak that is very colorful indeed. When breeding season nears, their beaks become a bright orange with a patch of blue, and bordered with a pretty yellow line. Because they are so colorful, they are sometimes called “sea parrots”, and “clowns of the ocean”. You would think that this bird is pretty agile right? Wrong. The fact is, puffins are only graceful in water where they spend much of their time. When they are in flight or on land, they are very clumsy birds. When they reproduce, the female will only lay one egg, and it will hatch within forty two, to forty five days. They are sort of like penguins except penguins can't fly at all. The lesson should be easy enough for anyone to tackle. Learning "how to draw a puffin, step by step”, makes drawing birds a fun, and colorful activity for kids and adults. I will be back momentarily with four more tutorials so stay tuned in to see what pops up next. Adios amigos!