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How to draw Sylveon from Pokemon

Artist: Mahlu / September 14, 2016
How to draw Sylveon from Pokemon

Step 1.

Let's start making the head outline. Make a circle and a curved line

Step 2.

After that we will make a so-so form equal to a ball (you can also make a ball too)

Step 3.

Then, draw this form in place as is showing the image

Step 4.

So, draw a circle below the other form

Step 5.

Now draw two lines

Step 6.

Draw two curved lines in the head outline

Step 7.

Make a little curve inside of the head

Step 8.

And make other

Step 9.

make a curve in the side to be the outline of the tail

Step 10.

Now draw many curves to be the outline of the tapes

Step 11.

Now, you've left the sketches. Then, draw the ear

Step 12.

Draw the other ear.

Step 13.

Draw the other ear.

Step 14.

Now, draw the face;eyes, nose and mouth

Step 15.

draw the loop close to the ear

Step 16.

Draw the other loop and the tapes

Step 17.

Now, draw the front paws

Step 18.

And the back paws

Step 19.

Add the two curve inside the head

Step 20.

make the heards

Step 21.


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Artist: Mahlu
Date Added: September 14, 2016
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