How to Draw an Egyptian Sphinx

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Okay fellow artist let's start this step with some guidelines and shapes to form a nice solid frame for the sphinx. First draw a medium sized circle for the shape of the head. From the head you will draw a line on each side that connect to a set of r   


Now in this next step you will start drawing out the face of the sphinx as well as the gigantic paws. First what you want to do is shape out the top of the head and draw the two lines that seem to form a type of hat. Then draw out the shape of the ea   


Now here you will start drawing out the lines on the head dress as shown. Make sure these lines are nice and even and not to far apart from each other. Finish drawing the almond shaped eyes and then detail the inside of the ears and shade them in a b   


Here all you will have to do is finish drawing out the lines on the right side of the head dress and use your shading skills for the nose and the bottom of the beard and both the tongues of the head dress as well.


This is where you will erase all of the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. After that you will start the shading process. When shading make sure you are pressing down lightly with your drawing tool. After you are done here you are ready   


After you have cleaned up your sketch and shaded in your Sphinx, this is what your finished drawing should resemble or look like when you are completely finished. All you have to do if you choose to is color it in. That will end this tutorial on how    

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July 3, 2008

Description: Hello everyone and welcome back to another awesome tutorial on Today I will be showing you how to draw a very beautiful Egyptian Sphinx. Now the Sphinx is a sculptured carving that is made from rock. One of the most well known sculptures that are familiarized across the world is the Sphinx found in the Giza Plateau which is located only a few kilometers south of Cairo. The carving of the body is a lion with a head of a king or god. This is supposed to symbolize strength and wisdom. What the impressive thing is about this particular sculpture is the size. The size of the Sphinx is 200 feet long, 65 feet high and its paws alone are an amazing 50 feet long. Can you imagine how much work and time went into a carving of that stature? It must have been quite a challenge for the Egyptians to build something like that using only their hands. The Great Sphinx is known to be the largest surviving sculpture from the ancient world and is also the earliest sculpture of colossal portions that the Egyptians ever created. It was determined that the ancient Sphinx was built by Pharaoh Khafre around 2575-2465 BC during the age of the great pyramid builders which is known as the Old Kingdom. This massive creation sits due east and gets hit by the rising sun of each and every morning. Now specialists say that the sculpture was most likely built from bedrock using only stone hammers and copper chisels. In the background of this amazing sculpture sits the great pyramid of Egypt. Can you imagine building a house in plain view of two of the worlds most magnificent creations by man of all time? The nose of the Egyptian Sphinx was severed from the Napoleon war when Napoleon himself used the nose as a target. All I know is that there is no way that the men of today look up to such an extravagant creation made by only the hands of ancient man. Egyptian mythology is one of my favorited subjects to learn about because of the detailed art and myths that came from Egypt. If I had to choose between Chinese myth and Egyptian myth, I think I would probably go mute because there would be no way to choose between the two. Both cultures have very creative and imaginative mind sets. Because of that I wanted to make this tutorial look really nice with the colors as well as with the steps. So without further ado I will now show you how to draw an Egyptian Sphinx step by step with detailed steps and easy to read instructions. I hope you like this tutorial and I hope you find it very informative as well.

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