How to Draw Ham from Space Chimps

How to Draw Ham from Space Chimps
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Okay first things first. You are going to start this step with basic guidelines and shapes to create a solid frame for Ham. Start with a perfectly round head with facial guidelines sketched in. Next draw out two ears. Now you are ready to draw out th   


Now as you can see you will start drawing in his facial structure. Start the lining of his face which separates the skin of a chimp from the hair line. Next draw out two circled eyes and then his nose. Draw the inner lining in his ear on the right a   


Here is where you will start detailing Ham even more. First define the inner part of his eye which is will be his eyeball. Next sketch in the detailing on the inside of his left ear. On the right side of his head start scribbling his hair on his head   


Now finally for the last drawing step you will draw in his sly looking eyes. Then move down to hos forearms and draw out the starts and fringe that hangs from his astronaut suit. In the middle you need to draw out the lining for his zipper and the po   


When your drawing is completely cleaned from all the guidelines you drew your finished drawing should look like or resemble what you see here. All you have to do now is color him in and add him to your sketch book collection. That was easy wasn't it?   

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July 3, 2008

I am really excited about this next tutorial on a character from the new movie that is due to be realesed on July 18th. Today ladies and gentleman boys and girls you will all learn how to draw one of the main stars of the computer animated movie Space Chimps, and his name is Ham. Ham is an awesome character from what I’ve seen on the previews. I can honestly say that I will be at the movie theaters the day the Space Chimps movie comes out. Now one of the big factors that I am ecstatic about is that Ham is voiced by Andy Samberg. He is one of the comedians that is a part of the Saturday Night Live crew, and let me tell you he is hilarious and very talented. I love when he makes those digital shorts. My favorite one is when he goes around punching people in the face right before they take a bite out of their food. When I seen that skit I was rolling on the floor laughing practically. Now the Space Chimps movie is about a 5 billion dollar space agency probe that goes missing into the abyss of a wormhole. The first thing the agency does is recruit Ham III who is the grandson of the very first chimp that went off into space. The only problem the agency has is that Ham is some what of a goof ball that wants to only have fun. He is a wise cracking joker that just loves staying unserious about everything in life which is probably why he was part of a circus. But everything changes when he is put to a task that evolves the savior of another world. This slacker of an astronaut chimp becomes a reluctant hero and learns the true meaning of courage. He is paired up with his crewmates, Lt. Luna and their uptight commander, Titan. They work together and risk everything in an effort to save the peaceful inhabitants of a distant planet from the evil dictator Zartog. Even though he is a goofy chimp with no goals he works hard to complete his mission and also grows as any astronaut chimp would. Who knows maybe one day we will have the opportunity to send space chimps into our galaxy to save other planets from total annihilation. Put on your space suit and get ready to learn how to draw Ham from the upcoming movie Space Chimps. This is such a simple tutorial that you will be surprised just how easy it was. Have fun and Happy Forth!

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