How to Draw Chibi Steven Universe


Make the beginning guidelines and shapes to form the framework for your chibi character.


Define the shape of chibi Steven's head, then draw in some of the hairline.


Draw chibi Steven's hair in a full, curly style.


Use the facial guidelines to draw out the large shapes for the eyes, then draw in the open happy expressive mouth. To finish this drawing draw the short eyebrows.


Draw the eyeballs and color in some pupils, then fill the mouth with a tongue.


We will draw out the body for chibi Steven Universe, then draw out some of his arm.


You will now draw the left arm and hand, then finish drawing the right arm and hand. Add the sleeve line too for the shirt.


Here you will create Steven's clothes and to do so draw a star on his shirt, then draw in the pant and shirt lines and then draw the straps for the flip flops. Erase your mistakes and guides, then you're done.


That's it, you are all done drawing chibi Steven Universe. Now you can color him in to bring his personality to life in chibi form.

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April 2, 2015

Description: I just had to go and do a tutorial on how to draw chibi Steven Universe because I knew that he would be so adorable as a chibi figure. This is the results from concept and as you can see, Steven never looked so cute. Drawing chibis have turned out to be one of the better concepts I can create so I know that they are drawn in a manner that pleases all who tackle the lessons. Steven Universe is a cartoon series that blew up in a big way, and now you can draw chibi Steven Universe for the first time on

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