How to Draw Skateboards


Here is a drawing of how the skateboard looks when a boarder is riding.


Feet are usually placed side by side on the skateboard for added traction and maneuvering.


As you can see the each truck is attached at the front and back of the skateboard, and they are attached with screws.


Now you will start the drawing lesson. First draw the two board shapes like so. The first one has sharp tips because it is being drawn on an angle, and the bottom is drawn in the shape of a rectangle.


The four X's you see here is where the trucks will be placed or drawn at. You can draw in the x's or you can just move to step six to see how to draw the trucks in.


Now you will draw out the base-plates like so, and for the skateboard on the top, you will also incorporate the shapes of the attached wheels.


Lastly, draw out the detailing on the wheels and finish drawing out the truck, and then you can line the top skateboard with the thickness trim. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is how your skateboard looks when you are all done. Now you can color them in and draw in some really cool designs to make your boards look more unique.

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March 3, 2011

Description: I wanted to do another tutorial based on something sporty because Spring and Summer is just around the corner. To start my drawing day I am going to show you "how to draw skateboards", step by step. The skateboard is a piece of equipment that has been used for the activity of skateboarding. The skateboard is made primarily made up of plywood board with a coating of polyurethane. The coating gives the skateboard stronger durability, and smoother slides. There is several parts to a skateboard and they are; the deck which is the wood board. The underside of the deck is almost always decorated with various designs like skulls, flames, and so forth. The top of the deck's surface has grip tape applied which gives the skateboarder a good grip on the deck. The grainy or sandy texture of the deck helps sneakers attach or stay put when the skater is riding the board. The trucks are the two metal railings that the wheels connect to. This part of the skateboard is made up of two parts, the base-plate, which is screwed to the board, and the wheel holding unit called the hanger. Next is the wheels, bearings, and lastly the hardware. Drawing skateboards is going to be pretty easy to do, and I think when you are done you will have an awesome time drawing in your own design in the belly of the board. Have fun learning "how to draw skateboards", step by step, and be sure to stick around to see what else will be uploaded.

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