How to Draw a Skateboarder

Artist: Dawn / April 21, 2009

Step 1.

Start with a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then add the torso guideline as well as the arms, and legs with a big foot guideline.

Step 2.

Now that the guidelines are drawn out you can start sketching out the shape of his hat starting with the lid. Next draw out the style of his hair which is long bangs and sides.

Step 3.

Now that you have some more parts of this skateboarder drawn out you will now start adding some more body parts. Finish off the design of his hat and then draw out the shape of his shirt. Next draw out more of his arm lines and then two simple shapes   

Step 4.

Start drawing out the hands first and the fingers. Finish his arms and then his tee-shirt. Draw a skull on the tee-shirt and then move to the next step.

Step 5.

Add some finger nails on the left hand and then finish drawing out the right hand which includes the fingers. Finish drawing out the eyes on the skull head and then begin drawing the pants along with his belt.

Step 6.

You are almost done with this lesson and all you have to do is sketch out his link chained wallet and then add some notches in his belt. Finish drawing out the legs and then draw the lining under the bottom of the skateboard. Detail his sneakers and    

Step 7.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do now is draw out the rest of the skateboard includi9ng the wheels and everything. You can even draw a skull design on the board surrounded with flames.

Step 8.

This is what your drawing of this awesome looking dude should look like when you are done. Just color him in and you have learned how to draw a skateboarder step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 21, 2009
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Description: This is going to be a wicked cool lesson on "how to draw a skateboarder", step by step. I figured that spring and summer not only brings swimming and hanging out at the parks and stuff. Spring and summer also brings out all the skateboarders that flood the parks, malls, and city sidewalks. I think skateboarding is so cool and I even wish that I knew how to do it.The sport of skateboarding has come along way since the beginning of its creation. The art or skill of boarding was formed back in the late forties to early fifties when surfing was becoming somewhat of a phenomenon. The more surfing became popular, the more skateboarding became just as popular. In the early stages of skateboard history is was once called “sidewalk surfing”. The reason behind the name is because when surfers weren't surfing the sweet waves of California, they wanted something to do during the time they were waiting for those bodacious waves. A fella by the name of Bill Richard made a deal with a roller skate company to make skate wheels so that he could attach them to a wooden board. It was a hit and then skateboarding was born. Nowadays you can go and watch the Extreme Games sporting events that take place on local streets of chosen states and cities. This tutorial will show you how to draw a skateboarder step by step. He is wicked cool looking doing tricks over a bunch of spiked flames. I know for a fact you will like this lesson because it is killa cool. Well, that's it guys, have fun teaching yourself "how to draw a skateboarder", and be sure to upload your works when you are done.