How to Draw Icona Pop, Icona Pop

Artist: Dawn / April 20, 2013

Step 1.

Since you are drawing two faces, you will be doing double the work. Starr by making two nut shapes, then sketch in the facial detailing.

Step 2.

We will work on Caroline first by sketching out her medium length straight hairstyle that is parted. The left side of the hair falls on her face while the right side is flat on her face. Sketch in the detailing to the hair, then move to step three.

Step 3.

You will now add the root detailing to the hair, as well as the strand lines to add texture to the whole concept.

Step 4.

Caroline has strong bone structure to her face so you have to take your time as you sketch out the shape or structure of her face. Once that is done you can add the lining to her neck. Sketch in some shading and add some more root strands.

Step 5.

Here you will work on getting Caroline's face drawn out. Use the facial guidelines to sketch out her eyes, nose stricture, and eyebrows. When her eyes are done you can draw in her mouth and or lips.

Step 6.

Finish the step by adding some more strand lines to her hair then Caroline is done.

Step 7.

We can begin the task at hand which is drawing Aino Jawo. You will start with drawing the shape of her face as well as the hair or bang that frames her face.

Step 8.

Finish sketching out the hairstyle which is like a bob du. Add some texture detailing to her style, then you are all done.

Step 9.

Most of the left side of her face is covered by her hair so all you have to do is sketch in the shape of her nose, sketch in her lips or mouth, then draw out the right eye which is also hidden by Caroline's hair.

Step 10.

For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the shape of her neck, then the shirt collar. Erase the mistakes and clean up the guides.

Step 11.

Here is Icona Pop now that you are done. Color the duo in and show folks how "YOU LOVE IT"!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 20, 2013
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Description: "I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone. I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn. I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. I crashed my car into the bridge. I don't care, I love it. I don't care". Those are the catchy lyrics from the Swedish duo Icona Pop. This DJ electro house duo is making their way to the top. The song 'I Love It' is a really fun, vibrant and alive song that makes people (as well as me) want to dance and party all night long. The girls names are Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo and if you don't know who is who, you will have to be told. Caroline is the redhead and Aino is the brunette. The two met at a party back in 2009 and from there they hit it off as friends and as as pop duo I really wanted to make this lesson on them both because their music is always on the radio and whenever it comes on it puts you in this pop frenzy. Anyways, this is a fun tut on "how to draw Icona Pop", and if you are a fan of their music you will definitely like this lesson. Happy drawing folks!