How to Draw Russia from Hetalia

Artist: Dawn / May 18, 2014

Step 1.

Begin by making a circle for the head then draw guidelines for the face and torso.

Step 2.

You will then sketch out the shape of the face along with the collar from his jacket.

Step 3.

You can now draw the hair which is the bangs first. Pointed tips and layers should be fine. Draw the ear outline too.

Step 4.

We will tackle Russia's face next by drawing the thick lid lines then the shapes of the eyes. Next, draw the nose and mouth followed by the detailing inside the ear.

Step 5.


Step 6.

Complete the head shape by drawing the rest of his hairstyle.

Step 7.

Next, begin drawing the collar for the coat which should be thick and wide. When that is done you can draw the torso which is kind of boxy.

Step 8.

Add the jacket flaps from the folded collar, then draw in the shoulder seam lines. Add trim for the collar flaps too.

Step 9.

Finish Russia off by drawing the opening flap for the jacket, then draw a star, two buttons and the loop on the shoulder. Detail the star and buttons the way you see them done here, then erase the mistakes and guides.

Step 10.

Here is the line art. I do hope you enjoyed this tut on drawing Russia from Hetalia.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: For those of you that are Hetalia fans I give you this lesson on "how to draw Russia", step by step. He is one of the main characters from the series and by looking at him in this drawing you would think that he is shy, playful and full of happiness. Maybe that is the case but since I don't follow the series I don't know. I'm basing my description solely on his looks and to me he seems kind but has a bad streak, shy and very quiet but only around people he doesn't know. Russia also looks like the type of character that loves having friends but sort of doesn't have any at all. I know those of you who follow Hetalia understand who he is as a person, but for me I have no idea. I will let you get busy with this tut. I will be back maybe later today. Enjoy and may you have an awesome day.