How To Draw Chibi Halloween England, Hetalia

Artist: lolligirl225 / October 15, 2016

Step 1.

Let's start off this tutorial by drawing part of the head, part of the collar, and England's right ear.

Step 2.

Now, let's draw his hair, his little hat, and his left ear. Once done, move on to the 3rd step.

Step 3.

Now, we can draw in the facial features. Draw his eyes, nose, mouth, and, of course, those big ol' eyebrows. Soon after, move on to the 4th step.

Step 4.

Now, you can start drawing in his shirt. Move on to the next step when done.

Step 5.

Now, draw the rest of England's shirt and his right arm.

Step 6.

Alright, now draw his legs and tiny little feet.

Step 7.

Draw in England's left arm and the little cane he's holding, or whatever it is. xD

Step 8.

Now, draw the two bats that are flying on each side of England.

Step 9.

For the final step, draw the rest of his cloak, and then you are all done with the drawing portion!

Step 10.

OK! Now, don't forget to ink and color in England to make your drawing look better. :) Thanks for drawing!

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Artist: lolligirl225
Date Added: October 15, 2016
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Description: As I promised, I'm back with another Halloween tutorial, and a lot more to come this month. This time, I'm gonna teach you how to draw chibi Halloween England from the anime Hetalia. I might as well tell you more about Hetalia. There are 8 main characters, America, England, France, Russia, and China, or the Allies. The Axis Powers are Italy, Germany, and Japan. The anime makes World History a fun topic, and if you don't believe me, I guarantee you it does. So, England, as you may have noticed, has really big eyebrows which I'm pretty sure is a meme at this point. xD So... have fun drawing this, and be sure to check out my other Halloween tutorials which are coming soon! :D