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How To Draw Chibi Halloween China, Hetalia

Artist: lolligirl225 / October 23, 2016
How To Draw Chibi Halloween China, Hetalia

Step 1.

For the first step, start drawing his head. You'll also draw his ear with an eight-like shape in it. Don't forget to draw a bit of his shirt collar in, too. (Tip: If you can't see any of the lines throughout the tutorial, try clicking the image and z   

Step 2.

For the second step, you're gonna draw most of his hair as shown. You will draw his ponytail in a later step. And don't forget to draw the other ear, too.

Step 3.

Now, for the third step, you'll draw the eyes, nose, eyebrows, and an odd shaped mouth. For this tutorial, we won't be adding any blush.

Step 4.

Next, you're gonna draw his hat. It's a weird hat with a bunch of symbols on it. So do that and then go on to the 5th step.

Step 5.

Now you're gonna start drawing part of his top and the beginning of his sleeve. You'll finish that arm in the next step.

Step 6.

Draw in more of his top and finish up that sleeve. Then go on to the next step.

Step 7.

Usually the step for drawing the legs and feet is last, but this time it won't be. Draw his cute little legs and feet and go on to the following step.

Step 8.

Alright, now in this step, draw his other sleeve and his ponytail which as shown, lies behind the sleeve. Then you can go on to the final step.

Step 9.

Okie, now that you're on the final step, all you gotta do is finish drawing the rest of his clothing as shown. And then you're all done drawing chibi China!

Step 10.

As you can see, China's clothing has a lot of vibrant colors, so color him in to make your drawing look colorful. Also ink it, too, to make the lines bold. Thanks for drawing! :D

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Artist: lolligirl225
Date Added: October 23, 2016
Steps: 10
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Tags: how to draw hetalia characters, how to draw halloween, how to draw hetalia
Description: Hey everyone, as of today, only 8 more days until Halloween! I'm back again with another Halloween tutorial. This time, you'll learn how to draw Chibi Halloween China from Hetalia. This is the last character from the Allies, and soon I'll be uploading tutorials for the chibi Halloween Axis Powers: Italy, Germany, and finally Japan. So, I hope you enjoy drawing chibi China, and stay tuned for more Halloween tutorials on the way! If you have a request for a specific character, leave me a comment or send me an email at lorrinsart@gmail.com. Have any concerns with my artwork? Send me an email at lorrinsart@gmail.com. Have a good day! Artwork Information: Anime - Hetalia Axis Powers Character - China (Yao) Original Picture Link - https://t3.rbxcdn.com/99ba0ed0ebe2fd08baee189888df9c9f All credits go to the original artist.