How to Draw Rose Stevens, Rose From Out There

Artist: Dawn / February 19, 2013

Step 1.

Make the shape of Rose's head like so, then draw in the tube like body. Sketch in the facial guidelines before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2.

Next, use the guide you just made to draw the shape of Rose's face. You will then add a wavy parted hair line at the top like so.

Step 3.

Here is a very simple step. All you need to do is draw out her torso starting with the shoulders or arms, then draw the end of the shirt.

Step 4.

Next, draw in her skirt, then the legs and shoes. The legs are very simple skinny tube like shapes. Draw in the hands and her nails or claws for fingers.

Step 5.

The next thing we will do is work on her face. Draw the eyes, color in the pupils, then draw in the triangular nose as well as her mouth and tooth. Add some freckle like dots for the whisker holes, then add a chin line.

Step 6.

Almost done guys. Rose wears or rocks a fro like hairstyle. Draw in her wavy locks in the form of a cheese puff, then move to the last drawing step.

Step 7.

Okay, I don't know why I made this the last step but whatever. Draw the necklace and pendant, then erase the mistakes.

Step 8.

Here is Rose Stevens now that you are done. Color her in then place her with the rest of the Out There gang.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 19, 2013
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Description: I'm guessing this next character is a relative to Chad Stevens from Out There. The new IFC animated series will air on the 22nd which is Friday I believe. It's supposed to be an awesome funny show that will leave pains in your side. I don't know what the characters will be like because there is no good bio information on them as of now. I found out about this series from my Rolling Stone magazine that I get in the mail once a month. There was a page insert with a list of characters, and when the show would be airing. The characters where in the form of stickers; once you peeled away a sticker there was a quote from that particular character. Anyways, this is "how to draw Rose Stevens" and I'm betting that it's Chad's sister. Whether she is an older or younger sister remains to be seen. Have fun, stay tuned, and be sure to comment, rate, and fav if you like.