How To Draw Batman

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Now here you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes for shapes. Start with drawing a small circle for his face with facial guidelines. Now draw out the shape of his massive cape that forks at the end. Now draw his torso which is very muscular    


here in this step you will draw the muscular part of batman's legs. These to me look like chicken wings. Descending from the quadriceps draw the back of the calves. Also start drawing the the bottom of batman's cape. On the upper body draw his arms    


Add some details in this abs area. Make sure they look nice and toned. Add some details like pockets, add ons, and accessories on his belt. This will make him more detailed and realistic. Add the the other half of his calves too. Stretch out the deta   


Add extra details in the cape and create his emblem. Which is his bat symbol. When you are finished with detailing him you are ready to erase all the guidelines and circle shapes you drew in step 1.


This is what your completed Batman should look like when you are done. You can color him if you want or leave him as a sketch. I hop you had fun today and I will see you all very soon. That will do it for this tutorial on "how to draw Batman step by    

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May 29, 2008

Description: Hello visitors and members all over the world. Welcome to DragoArt.Com. Today we will have an extremely fun lesson on "how to draw Batman step by step". Of course everyone knows batman from the popular DC comics and countless movies. He’s supposed to be a superhero with amazing fighting and stealth skills. Under his mask is an intelligent man named Bruce Wayne. There are many movies based on Batman. Here we will list the awesome action packed Batman movies. The first movie was called Batman and was released in 1989. Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice) starred as Bruce Wayne in the movie. This film explained how Batman was born and why he became the hero he is now. The joker (Jack Nicholson) was also born in this movie. The second film was called Batman Returns and was released in 1992. Once again Michael Keaton starred at Batman in this movie. This film was about Batman's battle with two other villains Penguin (Danny DeVito) and Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Later on another movie was released and was called Batman Forever. Val Kilmer played the role as Bruce Wayne in this epic film. And there were two other villains introduced. One of them was two face (Tommy Lee Jones) and the other was the Riddler (Jim Carey). Also Batman has a sidekick named Robin (Chris O'Donnell). In the fourth installment of the series was called Batman & Robin. The famous Arnold Schwarzenegger played as Mr. Freeze (villain) in this movie. George Clooney was the role of batman as Chris O'Donnell was the role of Robin once again. There were also two other sidekicks to these the good and bad. Uma Thurman played the vile villain Poison Ivy as Alicia Silverstone was the good Batgirl. The fifth movie was called Batman Begins. Christian Bale played the role as Batman in the movie. And lastly a brand new movie called The Dark Knight is going to be released soon this year. I hope these tutorials will help you learn "how to draw Batman step by step" better. I used Adobe Photoshop CS and my Wacom Intuos3 tablet to draw and color the Batman. I hope you had fun doing this tutorial! :D

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