How to Draw Rei Ryugazaki


Let us begin by making the head guide shape for Rei then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Up next, draw the glasses which have angled frames.


You can now draw Rei's messy kind of long hair like so.


Now you can add the eyebrows, nose and frown for a mouth. When that is done make the frames thicker.


Here you will draw the shape of Rei's face structure like so and also include the ear shape.


Fill in the eyeglasses with his eyes. The upper lids should be thick. Add detailing inside the ear too making it look like an ear.


Now you can draw Rei's long slender neck followed by his shoulders, arm and back.


Begin drawing the goggles he has resting in his neck like so, then proceed to step nine.


You will finish Rei off by drawing the left arm and some of his chest. When that is complete, erase the mistakes and guides.


Here you have the line art for Rei from Free!. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, be sure to color in your character.

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April 26, 2014

Description: Unlike Rin, this character from the anime series 'Free!' swims on the team for Iwatobi High School. Up next and lastly for the day, I will teach you "how to draw Rei Ryugazaki", step by step. He is a blue haired beauty and the odd thing about his looks is, he wears glasses. I usually don't think guys with glasses are serious enough to look hunky, but some men/anime characters can pull off the concept quite well. Drawing these few male anime characters over the past couple days has really sharpened my drawing technique when it comes to drawing boys. I now know that if I want to draw decent looking anime men, I have to at least create one once a month. Enjoy this lesson folks and keep me posted on what you would like to see.

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