How to Draw Raven and Beast Boy


Begin here by drawing the guidelines and shapes to form the workable framework for both your Teen Titans characters. Raven is to the left and Beast Boy is to the right.


Using the guide for your second step to begin drawing the profile of Raven's face. Start with the forehead, then draw the nose, mouth, chin and jawline. Also add the beginning hairline too.


In this third step you will draw in raven's short cut hairstyle. Her hair is shorter in the back then it is in the front. Add three chunk sections at the ends of her hair, then draw one thick bang curl fall on the side of her face.


Begin drawing Raven's face which is very affectionately expressive. Draw in the thick eyebrow, and then color the brow in. Next, draw in her eye with the lash being dark and thick. Add the mouth or lips and then draw in her jewel.


We will draw Raven's neck, shoulder and arm. Then draw the cape from her cloak and be sure to add wrinkles or creases on the cloak's cape.


Here you will draw Raven's arm and the cuff of her long sleeve top. Add a chest shape and then the ends of her hair on the opposite side of her face.


For the last step as far as Raven's concerned you will just have to draw in her hand which is touching Beast Boy's face as you will see in later steps.


Up next, draw in Beast Boy's face profile which should be touching Raven's face just lightly. Add the hair line for Beast Boy, then draw in the elvish style ear.


I love Beast Boy's face in this drawing. He is so cute. Draw his crinkled up eyebrow and then draw the closed eye and finish his mouth. Don't forget to draw in his tooth and color in his eyebrow. Add detailing inside his ear and add the jawline as we   


Let us finish off this whole tutorial by sketching out his hairstyle which is spiked. Draw the back of the beck, then draw in his shoulder, arm and lining for his clothing. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


Here is the finished product when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color in the drawing to bring these two awesome characters to life.

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February 5, 2015

Description: Didn't I tell you that I had some really cool lessons coming your way? Here is another that will knock some socks off. It's how to draw Raven and Beast Boy, step by step. I have been watching a lot of Teen Titans lately and these characters stand out to me. I love Beast Boy and I also love Raven. They have been showing her without her cloaked hood on recently and I have to say, she is pretty. I think Beast Boy and Raven go well together. They are both colors that go well together, and they both have dark sides. I really had fun with drawing Raven and Beast Boy and I hope you do too.

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