How to Draw Plasmus From Teen Titans Go


Start off by drawing a big almond shape for the body, then sketch in the facial guidelines along with the arms and legs.


At the top, start drawing the actual structure of Plasmus' head shape along with some mounds of puss bulbs.


You will now sketch out the shoulders and arms in a manner that makes it look like they are melting. There should be rippled layers and more puss sacks on the shoulders and biceps.


Up next, draw the chest or torso shape like so, then draw in the narrow shape of Plasmus' waist. Notice that even a plasmic monster has abs. Add some drippings as well.


You will now draw Plasmus' legs again in a way to make them look like they are melting. Add some small feet and then detail where needed.


Now that Plasmus' body is all drawn in, we can now focus on getting the face done. Draw the thick lined lips, and then draw the eyes and more puss sacks on the sides of the head. Add shading too and make sure to thicken the lip lining.


Now all we have to do to finish this drawing is give Plasmus some rank teeth. They look more like shards in his mouth then anything. Erase the mistakes and the guides/shapes too.


Here is Plasmus from Teen Titans Go. Now you can color him in and add this drawing to your Teen Titans art collection.

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April 24, 2015

Description: Well enderZ, here is the last character to the requested list that you had gave me. It is how to draw Plasmus from Teen Titans Go, step by step. Plasmus is also another villain from the show and first appeared in the episode 'You're Fired'. I'm not gonna lie, I love Teen Titans and I enjoy watching any episode that comes on. I think the whole gang compliment one another very well and they all have a sense of humor. Plasmus is a gross slug monster that oozes out puss and has green acidic eyes. He is also very large and can jump very high. Drawing Plasmus shouldn't be too hard, but if you are a novice artist you may struggle just a bit. Don't worry though because all you have to do is keep pushing forward. Okay folks, I will be back with some other tuts, but for now have fun drawing Plasmus from Teen Titans Go!

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