How to Draw Cinderblock From Teen Titans Go

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Let us begin with a head guide and then the torso guide shape like so. Sketch in the facial guidelines along with the limb and hand guides.


You will now use the head guide to draw the block shaped head. When that is done you can draw in Cinderblock's face which is the eyes and mouth and add definition to the actual structure of the head/face as well.


Let's now focus on the chest or torso. Cinderblock has a very simple designed torso with a few parts that make up the entire concept. Also draw in the waist which is like a cinderblock style belt, then add detailing to the belt and chest.


So far we have drawn Cinderblock's head, torso and waist. We will now draw the shoulders and arms. Again, these are block style shapes that are connected. Once the arms are drawn in you can sketch in the cracks on the shoulders.


We will now draw the fists. They should be large and closed. Add detailing to the forearm and then more cracks.


Lastly, we will now draw Cinderblock's legs and feet. Again, just some simple shapes attached together to form the rest of the body. Add cracks on the legs as well as toes. Erase your mistakes and you are all done.


Here is the line art once you are all done with the drawing and with erasing the mistakes and guides. All you have to do now is color in Cinderblock.

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April 24, 2015

Description: Okay so, it's time to fulfill another request, two of them actually. They will both be on characters from Teen Titans Go. I will start with this one on how to draw Cinderblock, step by step. Cinderblock is a villain, and he first appeared in the episode called 'Staff Meeting'. He sort of reminds me of Juggernaut because of his massive size and sheer strength. Even though the lesson may look to be a bit complicated, I assure you it is not. Cinderblock is basically a bunch of blocky squares that are put together forming the monster or villain you see here. Whenever I draw Teen Titans characters I always have fun. There is no boring experience that I get at all. So if you are like enderZ, you should have a blast with this tut on drawing Cinderblock from Teen Titans Go!

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