How to Draw an Anime Character, Anime Character

How to Draw an Anime Character, Anime Character
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Make a circle for the head, and then draw in the guides for the face, shoulder and arms.


Sketch out the top lids for her eyes and be sure to draw out the eyes with thick, sharp lining. Sketch out the shape of her face, and then proceed on.


Continue sketching out the eyes until they are fully formed. Sketch in the blush marks on her cheeks, and then draw out the nose and slightly open mouth and tongue.


Next, let's work on the hairstyle, which at first seems really complex but it's actually easy. Draw the outer shapes for each bang of hair, then proceed onto the sketchy bangs. Take your time, you don't want to rush yourself doing things. Make sure t   


Finish off the hair by adding the few pieces remaining for this cute bob hairstyle.


You will now start drawing out the shape of her neck, and then draw out the shoulders which should be rather petite. Begin the lining process of her large breasts, and then sketch some of her arms.


Begin drawing out the layer of banana peel designed clothing to cover her breasts, and then draw in the peel like shapes flapping over each breast.


Let's complete the arm holding the banana. First draw the rest of the bicep and move onto the forearm, working your way up to drawing the entire hand. Keep in mind, the circle is to help aid you the shape of the banana, or having the fingers clutchin   


Now that almost all of her body is drawn out, you can now get busy drawing the half eaten banana she is holding in her hand. Notice the design of the real banana is the same as her top.


Sketch in the cleavage line to turn one lump into two, and then draw in the banana peel fringe design that falls under the covering for the top.


Now add all the detailing to the banana designed top, as well as the banana too. Sketch in some details on her body by adding the neck notch. Erase all the lines and shapes as well as mistakes to clean up the drawing and prepare her for color.


When you are done, you have finished an anime character that is going to be a part of my fruit anime girl collection. You had the strawberry, here is the banana, now wait for the others.

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August 2, 2011

Hey guys, Dawn here with another lesson on anime. I had lots of fun drawing this particular style due to my interest in bananas. I've seen my recent anime face tutorial shot up into the top 50 pretty quick. I wanted to please the audience with another anime girl, in a more interesting aspect. When you draw anime, you've got to realize that the features and the head depend greatly on size, which depicts them from regular cartoon characters. Make sure you keep the eyes large and galaxy to imply a new style. I've had SO much fun designing this girl, so I hope you will too! Keep in check for more anime tutorials I'll post in the future.

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