How to draw pidgey,pidgey from pokemon

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First of all, Start with the main head shape. Almost make a triangle at the top, but leave a bit of space for the rest of the head you will do later. Next do the beak,as that is near the head so I decided to do that too at this point. Make sure that    


Now, in this step your not really doing much except finishing the rest of the head. These are little feathers which are three different parts of the bird. You need to start with drawing the bottom one first as that's easier as you can slowly place th   


After step 2, your adding a triangle in the face bit and place the eye in there too. Next you are going further down your body so carry on the line you were drawing to the very bottom, so its a circle shape and add feathers halfway down to make the b   


Eventually, after the current steps you will have the main shape of the birds body. But on this step you will be adding they wing in. To do that continue from the other line and make a oval shape and join it with the other line to make the main shape   


Finally, you are going to add the feet in. Make sure you get the size right as it might look a bit weird! Draw two straight lines to start then draw the whole foot add in the claws as well. Make sure you copy the first foot to be the same with the se   

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May 13, 2013

Description: Hey guys! This is my third tutorial! For this one I used the computer to create a pokemon called pidgey. There are many pokemon of all types so I decided to do a bird pokemon, this one is quite common in the pokemon world. He is not the rarest, but I find him quite cute and was the perfect model for drawing. Hope you guys liked my tut please enjoy! :)

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