How to draw gangster pikachu, pikachu from pokemon

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This first step is quite easy. We are going to start off with the hat shape. This bit is quite tricky so don't worry if you don't get it right first time! Start off with a semi circle and join that with the bit of the hat which sticks out on the righ   


Following on from step 1, You are going to add the ears on. For the first ear, Make sure it sticks out and just passes the other line you drew before. Next, draw the other ear in a similar position so they look quite equal on both sides. You can shad   


The next step is very easy! For this one all you have to do is the face! Do 2 circles, shade them both in and add a white circle inside the shaded areas. For the mouth, you just do a small wavy line and you have to be careful for the nose. Draw a sma   


There is a lot to do on this step. Firstly, draw the outline of his body, making room at the bottom and joining back up to the other side. Now you have the main body sorted, You can add in his feet, arms and tail. For the arms, just do any sort you l   

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May 15, 2013

Description: Hey guys! Another pokemon character here! I thought pikachu wearing a gangster hat is quite cool! He is an electric type pokemon and I know he is quite a popular pokemon out of all of them! Its an easy step by step tutorial for beginners so please enjoy! If you want any requests post them on my home page! thanks! :)

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