How to draw growlithe, growlithe from pokemon

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First of all, start with the head shape at the top do a half semi circle so you can continue the nose bit along and loop down into the smile. Next add the fur at the top of its head. This can be done by doing small zig zags which leads down to the ea   


In this step we are starting to draw out the chest. This is like the fur on the top except its going down ready to join back up with the rest of the body. Just remember that this part doesn't have to be perfect! Any style which suits you is fine to u   


This step is really quite easy actually! Go from the right hand side and do a giant circle and come back up. This will be the hind leg as if its perched in one set position. Next you will have to do the other two legs connected together to make this    


Following on from step 3, You are going to do the other two legs. Continue on from the fur line right to the bottom of its feet.When you have done the front paw make sure that you know that part of that leg is the start of the second leg so overall,    


Well done! Your almost finished! All you have to do is the bushy tail by doing again the zig zags to make a circle shape! After you have mostly finished make sure you add the details in like the paw lines and the claws. With your finished design you    

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May 14, 2013

Description: Hey guys! If you had saw my previous tutorial, I had done about pokemon so I decided to do a tut on a fire pokemon. Growlithe is a furry type of pokemon which belongs to the fire element. He is very cute and I love the colours on him. There are many pokemon altogether so I am doing this one that no one else has done on the computer on PAINT.If you have any pokemon requests just ask me. Overall enjoy my tut! :)

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