How to Draw Peter Griffin Easy

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Begin drawing Peter by making a large egg shape for his head. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next up, draw the round shapes for his eyes like so, then draw the bottom line of his lids halfway up the eyeball. This will give Peter that look of a devious plan. Draw in the nose and color in the pupils.


Next up, draw in his large wide open mouth like so, then draw in his butt chin. Add the tongue and then add some simple detailing lines like you see here.


For the last drawing step, we'll sketch beginning from the corner of the left eye, the face shape that bloats outwards a few inches from the mouth, and downwards forming a double chin. This later angles upwards and creates a steep back of the head, f   


Well that's it folks, you are all done drawing Peter Griffin. Now you can chillax as you color him in.

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April 27, 2012

Description: I really wasn't expecting for the new Stewie to make it to the top 50, but it did. Here is a lesson on another Family Guy character that is definitely one of my favorites out of the bunch. Today, I figured it would only be right to do a lesson on Stewie's father Peter. So here is "how to draw Peter Griffin easy", step by step. Peter is such a fun loving guy that can be extremely ignorant, or smart when the time is right. He's definitely not mentally challenged although some may think otherwise. The easiest way to draw Peter is to sketch out the outline of his huge head and face. Once you get that all sketched out, you can start adding his handsome features. The Family Guy is a series that will always be popular no matter how old it gets. The cast and characters are all likeable and have their own individual personalities. I even like Lois and Meg for creeps sake. Drawing peter Griffin easy will put a smile on your face just because of the expression that's on his. So go ahead and get busy and I will start preparing the last tutorial for the day. Adios mi amigos!

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